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PACE Games - Birch Bowl - 2020

PACE Games

Saturday January 25th - PACE Team Games is a fun, unsanctioned competitive event which combines nosework with a collaborative element.  A “team” consists of two dogs and two handlers.  The human teammates can work together and strategize to achieve the best team result.  Dogs are worked individually, but both humans may be present in a search.

Some searches will be performed by both dogs.  Each dog may receive an equal amount of time (for example, each dog gets 3 minutes to work a search).  It may be up to the handlers to decide how much time each dog works (for example, the team has 5 minutes to work an area, to be shared by both dogs).

Some searches will be performed by only one dog.  Sometimes there are two single-dog searches and the dog that performs search A cannot perform search B.  Therefore, the handlers must decide which dog is better suited to which search.

These are examples of some of the strategic decisions you will face in Team Games.  Each Team Games event is unique and we’re always trying to come up with some fun new games and strategic twists!

3rd Annual Birch Bowl Texas Throw Down

3 Teams Captain's - HengTen - SWAT - PACE 

with Jason Heng, CNWI -  Mchele Ellertson, CNWI - Michelle Munson, CNWI                                                      

- Hosted by HengTen K9 Training and Scent Work Across Texas S.W.A.T.

We are excited to announce the 3rd Annual Birch Bowl scheduled for January 26th 2020. 
New Games & 3 Teams - with HengTen - SWAT - PACE 

Get ready for the Nosework Birch Bowl Throw Down - team and individual games to show off your nosework team abilities for ultimate bragging rights. Prizes for teams and individuals for a variety of games will be offered in addition to the winner(s) on the trophy board! Individual games will be set by each team Leader for the teams to compete in time, number of hides found in tests of strategy games.

All levels welcome - must be working with Birch.
Multiple Dogs Allowed - Recruit your friends - Bring food for the Pot Luck (AKA - Distractors) ​
(Trade off dogs for Timed searches or run a 2nd dog for fun)

We will put out final info in early December with team selections so the "scent smack talk" can begin. ​

When: Sunday January 26th, 2020 

Where: HengTen K9 in Leander TX
The Birch Bowl Draft to be held and everyone will be placed on a team, and Trades may take place!