K9NW Focused Ongoing -  this is the intensive coaching multi-week ongoing class for teams already competing in K9 Nose Work® or other venues that are getting ready to compete. Teams using all odors - ABC (Anise, Birch & Clove). Each class will focus on a specific set of handler/dog skills in preparation for competition, and will primarily focus on competitive puzzles designed to meet each teams individual needs. This is the intensive coaching class were we discuss competitive strategies and tactics for being a better competitor; blind searches, time management, leash handling, reading blank areas, thresholds, area coverage and odor understanding.

K9NW Drop-In Practice - ongoing drop in practice to apply the skills and tactics learned in the Focused Ongoing class or for those running multiple dogs and wishing to add more practice time to your week. Teams using all odors - ABC (Anise, Birch & Clove). These classes will complement the Focused Ongoing class by giving teams more search time with related hide placements based on that weeks topic. No prerequisite attendance in the Focused Ongoing class - this will allow extra practice time with limited coaching to maximize search time.

K9NW - Elite Only - Focused work for dogs currently competing at Elite in competition. Open to dogs with 2 NW3 Titles or NW3 Elite title. This class is designed to focus on competition strategies for elite trials and looking ahead to Summit Level challenges. 

Intro to K9 Nosework and Intro to Odor(Birch) - Learn how nosework can be the best game for your dog. Introduction to the game and the puzzles dog solves on their own to build confidence, motivation and understanding of the game. Each handler gets a chance to step into the dogs world and understand how powerful that dog nose really is, its great fun! 

CURRENT CLASSES - Summer Session now available through June 2020 - See Calendar for Available Class

​Focused Ongoing Class are 1.5 hours - $35 (1 dog per handler) 

Intro to K9 Nosework 

- Next class TDB - in 2021

Intro to Odor(Birch, Anise, Clove) 

- Next class TBD - in 2021

K9NW Elite Only

- Wednesday @ 10am - 11:45pm

K9NW Focused ​Ongoing

- Wednesday @ 12:15-1:45pm

- Sunday @ 12:15-1:45pm (Limited Dates)

Private Lessons Available - by appointment


Additional Nosework Classes Available 

Scent Work Across Texas (SWAT)

HEngTen K9