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Intro to K9 Nose Work

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K9 Nose Work® Classes

Introduction to K9NW  -  5 week class lasting approximately 1.5 hours each class is for teams that want to get starting in the sport of K9 Nose work. This class will include introduction to the game of nose work using a primary reward (toy or food). Each session will focus on preparing teams for the fun game of nose work where each dog learns to hunt independently in a class environment where each dog learns at their own pace and each handler learns how to ready their dog's body language while they are problem solving in the world of scent. The primarily focus of this class will be K9 Nose work - fundamentals, handler recognition of the dogs communication and giving the dog a fun game they can play anywhere for their lifetime. 

Starts Class: Sunday January 7th at 12:30pm -  in Leander, TX  

Class will be held 1/7, 1/14 (Skip 1/21), 1/28, (Skip 2/4), 2/11, 2/18

Open - Limited Spots AvailableEnroll Here


K9NW Foundation/Intro to Odor  - 5 week class for those looking to compete in the sport of K9 Nose Work. This class will continue foundation work for those teams that have just started using odor or for those teams that wish to introduce the first target odor - Birch, and work to provide a foundation for future competition. The expansion of the game and the foundation skills needed to compete are the basis of this fun class. Over the 6 weeks of this class you will learn how to develop the hunt for odor in ever expanding environments.  Prerequisite is Intro to K9NW
K9NW Foundation - Sunday at 1:45pm in Leander

Class will be held on 1/7, 1/14, (Skip 1/21) 1/28, (Skip 2/4), 211, 218

Open - Limited Spot Available - Enroll Here