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Building Drive

Seminar / Training DayS - June 14th - 8:30Am & 12:30PM

@ Doggy Day Out 17808 Wilke Ridge Ln, Pflugerville TX           

AM Seminar - Container Intensive 8:30AM - 12:00 PM

Limited Spots

Container Intensive – patterns, distractions, strategies and skills needed for success. Containers are seen as a straight forward problem to solve from the handler perspective, however this tends push us to try to solve for a pattern or process that runs counter to the dog working to solve for odor. Adding distractions and novel environment challenge can force errors into our standard process. We will run multiple container patterns, types of containers, distractors in an effort to highlight the more worthwhile strategies and skills needed for success.  



PM Seminar - Drive Building 12:30PM - 4:00PM
Limited Spots

Building Drive our goal is the relentless pursuit of source, how to get there and why it matters for competition. Drive is not speed and speed is not drive! Building the relentless pursuit of source is the type of single minded drive we want in our dogs, to ignore or quickly dismiss novel smells, environments and focus on the problem solving required to drive to source. How to build this desire in the dog is about small changes in training to tap into the drive to get rewarded. We will spend our time doing drive building exercises and exploring what each dog needs to achieve relentless pursuit of source. This requires skill on the handler to reward in ways that support increased resilience, pursuit and tenacity in the dog to get to source and be rewarded. 

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