Competition Preparation Workshops with Jason Heng, CNWI
Competition Prep & Handler Coaching
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Free to Choose and the handler's choice?

Workshop with video review and discussion of the key decision points the handler makes and possible consequences (that are benefits or limits) in the search of those choices. A choice can be evaluated based on the outcome, however in the moment we often do not realize how our choices effect the decisions our dogs can make. These working seminars are designed to give the handlers a unique perspective of their choices in the search. The goal is better understanding when the dog is making decisions and when handlers are limiting or collaborating with the choices of their dogs. 

Take advantage of the experience gained from having trialed over 50 times with multiple dogs; NW1, NW2, NW3, Elements and Elite. Are you planning on competing in the next few months and want to get some ideas on how to prepare and see how to improve your handling skills? For those working a dog video taping searches and having a video review as part of the workshop is a very valuable tool in evaluating the handlers decisions. Not all locations allow for all elements.

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New! Odor Puzzles - Competition Prep w/ Jason Heng, CNWI

Small changes and details in an environment can make big challenges – take some small scale view of your practice and turn it into a fun new challenges for you and your dog. This working seminar is for anyone looking for advanced problem solving in detailed micro environments; Doorways, Hallways, Slopes, Stairs, Stages, Shade – Shadows, Edges, Chaos! Where does the odor boogieman live – under the stairs in the shadows, behind the door, above the door, just at the edge? Be willing to explore and experiment with new challenges!

Coming Dates: