K9NW Competition Ongoing Levels -  multi-week ongoing class for teams already competing in K9 Nose Work® or other venues that are getting ready to compete. Teams need to have already completed the Birch ORT. This class will include all odors (Birch, Anise & Clove) for appropriate teams. Each session will focus on preparing teams for competition, and will primarily focus on foundation puzzles designed to meet each teams individual needs. These classes will focus on typical challenges for each trial level, for example Intermediate level could include inaccessible hide challenges, time pressure and leash handling. Advanced level is focused on teams preparing advanced levels and could include, blank areas, area coverage and unknown number of hides.   

Intro to K9 Nosework - Learn how nosework is the best game for your dog. Starting with puzzles the dog must solve on their own to build confidence, motivation and understanding of the game. Each handler gets a chance to step into the dogs world and understand how powerful that dog nose really is, its great fun! Start date 9/30 - Sunday at 12pm - Register Here

Puppy Nosework - A special Introduction to K9 Nosework class will start Sunday 10/21 at 4pm-5pm just for puppies - Register Here

Foundation – Foundation classes work on the handler skills and building odor importance for the dog in preparation for competition. Perquisite requirement; dog already on 1st odor-Birch. All elements, geared towards teams working toward competing in any nosework venue. Generally applicable to teams that are working towards ORTs, NW1 or Element level trials.

Intermediate – All elements focus on the handler skills, building handlers understanding of odor, and handler confidence for competition. All elements, geared towards teams currently competing in any nosework venue. Generally applicable to handlers and teams that may have competed in nosework and are working on titles up to NW2.

Advanced– All elements, geared toward teams currently competing in any nosework venue. Generally applicable to teams that already have a nosework title or are working towards NW3.

Masters  – All elements or mix elements, geared toward teams currently competing in an advanced level nosework venue. Generally applicable to teams that already have advanced nosework titles and are working towards NW3 Elite or Elite titles.


Hybrid - Mixed Levels - Various Dates/Times - See Calendar

Intermediate - Wednesday @ 9am-10:15am

Adv/Masters - Wednesday @ 10:30am-11:45am
Advanced - Wednesday @ 12pm-1:15pm

Intermediate - Wednesday @ 1:30-2:30pm  
Adv/Intermediate - Wednesday @ 7:00-8:30pm                                                                  
Intermediate/Foundation - Thursday @ 10am-11:30am

Intermediate/Foundation - Sunday @ 1-2:15pm

Intermediate/Adv - Sunday @ 2:30-3:30pm
Private Lessons Available - Thursday after 12pm or by appointment

Intro to K9 Nosework - Starts 9/30 Sunday @ 12pm - Register Here 

Additional Nosework Classes Available 

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